Posted on 06/01/14

A leather jacket is for life (and not just for Christmas) and for those of you who were treated to or treated yourselves to a beautiful leather jacket over the seasonal period will be starting a journey with your garment that should last a lifetime. A leather jacket has often been described as the gift that keeps on giving because as it travels with you on your journey it too shapes itself around you and takes on it’s own unique character.

We’ve been out on the streets of our home-town Manchester again to find people who share our love of leather jackets. This time around we met Dan Lee (pictured) while he was out in the Spinningfield area of the city on his lunch break from work. Dan, 25, told us he stole his Mum’s leather jacket two years ago and it has become his signature look. He says he builds his outfit around it and has become known for it! It is the only jacket he possesses.



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