Introducing… The Sienna

Posted on 23/02/15

We’re proud to unveil the latest addition to the Barney & Taylor range, the Sienna stole.

Available in both quartz and grisby, the Sienna is the first of our forays into scarves, and we are incredibly proud of the way it has turned out. Intended to be worn as a sash, rather than a traditional scarf per se, the Sienna is made with luxurious Tuscan sheepskin for a soft, smooth feeling against your skin.

That’s not all – the Sienna has been lovingly sewn by hand to create an overall picture of composure, class and craftsmanship. It’s truly an accessory for the ages, one that comfortably embodies British style whilst protecting you against the fierce winter winds.

The Sienna is especially exquisite when paired with our Dewsnap gloves, available in black or brown, or our sheepskin-lined Rixton mittens, available in chainti or brown. Our hats are even stronger companion pieces, coming in a range of stylish from the Russian-inspired Emily, deerstalker-reminiscent Vail and Stella hats – all of which are available in black.

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