Iconic Leather Jacket Grudge Match – Week 1

Posted on 10/10/14

It seems like only yesterday that we were getting our heads together and trying to narrow down a lengthy list of iconic leather jackets down to a modest five.

Now, we want to go a little further – with your help, of course.

Starting with this very post, we’re going to be pitting our top five against each other in a leather jacket battle royale over the next six weeks. It’s the only way we can ultimately determine which is the most iconic leather jacket in music and cinema.

It’s a worthy cause, we know, finally putting to rest the heated pub arguments that are sweeping the nation. Don’t worry – together, we’re going to solve it once and for all. It’s our calling. Probably.

First up, it’s Wolverine’s scene-stealing jacket from both the first X-Men film in 2000, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. It’s a jacket that might not immediately think of when you’re thinking of iconic leather jackets, admittedly, but once you do recall it, the common reaction tends to be “oh, yeah that’s probably fair enough”.

But is it, really?

This could be your opportunity to kick Wolvie’s adamantium arse to the curb in favour of Morpheus’ mock crocodile skin trench coat. When you talk about a statement jacket, there aren’t many jackets that fit the definition in quite the same way Morpheus’ does. It’s quite a sight, even if it isn’t to your taste. Remember, the name of the game is which jacket is the most iconic, which leaves the greatest lasting impression.

But then again, Wolverine’s jacket has three bright yellow stripes proudly emblazoned on each sleeve – and it’s a tad more practical as a jacket than Morpheus’. It’s a jacket that makes a statement without, well, making people stare. You could feasibly wear Wolverine’s jacket into town without people batting an eyelid, whereas Morpheus’ is likely to attract a fair few sideways glances.

The decision is ultimately up to you, fair readers – which do you think is more iconic? Vote away below and the victor will go through to the next round.


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