Iconic Leather Jacket Grudge Match – Week 2

Posted on 17/10/14

Another week, another two combatants stepping into the ring after an unnecessarily elaborate entrance with pyrotechnics, crowd chanting, hilariously exaggerated mannerisms – the American pro wrestling works.

This week’s bout might be a tad one-sided though. Iconic though Indiana Jones’ jacket may be, it might struggle to compete against Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket, a jacket once proclaimed to be “the greatest piece of rock and roll memorabilia in history”. But you can be the judge of that.

Let’s start by giving Indy his due. His clothes aren’t particularly flashy, but if anything, that’s exactly what makes them iconic. It’s a jacket anyone could go out and buy. Anyone could pull it off.

That same jacket has been with Indy every step of his journey. Even the weird alien skull bit that we try to forget about…

It’s just so darned perfect for Jones’ character. It’s functional, rugged – more than capable of shrugging off a few scrapes, just like the man himself. But at the same time it’s classy, timeless… maybe we’re giving Mr Jones too much time in the spotlight here.

In the interests of (relative) impartiality, onto Mr Jackson. Interestingly, Michael’s striking Thriller jacket was designed by the very same designer who designed Jones’ jacket (Deborah Landis). Sure, Indy’s jacket withstood a bit of rough and tumble in temples and ruins, but did it help its wearer carry out a flawless dance routine flanked by the walking dead? No, it did not. Not to our knowledge, at least. Maybe there’s one or two deleted scenes that might make a liar of us – by all means, send them in if there are!

Where were we? Jackson’s jacket sits fairly comfortably alongside the likes of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers costumes or Madonna’s coned bra in the pantheon of the music world’s most memorable stage ensembles. It sold for $1.8 million for goodness sake, and spawned hundreds upon hundreds of imitations and jackets inspired by the unforgettable original.

The Thriller jacket is part of music history, but Jones’ jacket is part of cinematic history too. It’s a very tough call to make in our eyes, but maybe it’ll be more clear-cut for you. Now’s your chance to sound off and take one or the other of these jackets out of the running for the big prize at the end. Fire when ready?

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