Iconic Leather Jacket Grudge Match – Week 3

Posted on 24/10/14

Bit of an anomaly this week, we know. Yes, technically both Arnie’s Terminator and each and every Ramone wore the same jacket – the very same Perfecto we covered in our history of leather feature, in fact.

So really, what we’re asking you to vote for here is the wearer of the jacket, rather than the jacket itself. Then again, each Ramone did customise their jacket to varying extents – so you could argue that there are more jackets in contention than the one Perfecto across the board here.

Nevertheless, the Perfecto was fairly integral to both the Terminator and The Ramones’ looks. For the Terminator, the Perfecto cemented his monolithic, intimidating image, needed for the ol’ assassining. Whereas for the Ramones, the jackets provided a unique and united stylistic front against the prevailing hippy fashion of the day.

For both parties, it was part of a stripped-back, no-frills look that let them focus on the job at hand. It was their actions that did the talking for them, not their clothing – yet it is well nigh impossible to picture either Schwarzenegger’s Terminator or The Ramones without their jackets somewhere in the frame.

It’s a jacket that undoubtedly deserves to get to the second round of our clash of leather garments, but who wore it better? Schwarzenegger’s cold, calculating robot killing machine, or the titans of punk that are The Ramones?

Have your say below as we close out the first stage of our leather jacket grudge match.

Join us next week as we congratulate our first raft of winners and offer our commiserations to the unlucky jackets that missed out. The competition has been incredibly fierce, and we honestly have no idea who our victor will be at the end of this heated battle.

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Which Perfecto wearer(s) should go through to the next round?

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