Iconic Leather Jacket Grudge Match – Week 5

Posted on 14/11/14

It was so close last week that we just had to give Indiana Jones’ jacket another shot, this time putting him up against the jacket of former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or rather, a character that he played – we aren’t sure what Arnie’s jackets of choice are off-set.

We’ve gone from putting Indy’s jacket against one worn by a figurative killing machine (sort of), to one worn by a literal killing machine – the Terminator. Well, he was hardly going to be the terminator of persistent mildew, was he?

Now, you might have looked at our range of men’s jackets and thought that we might be somewhat biased in this bout – after all, we do sell our very own asymmetric biker jacket, heavily inspired by jackets like Mr Schwarzenegger’s. Our Mottram is very much the contemporary version of that jacket, with a Barney & Taylor twist.

At the same time, the Bury is our spin on the classic bomber jacket, reminiscent of the exact jacket that Mr Jones sported in all of his adventures. So we can’t possibly have a vested interest in the winner of this competition, can we? Can we?! No, really – we’re curious. Answers on a postcard and all that, please.

What makes this round particularly interesting, now that we think about it, is that these jackets actually haven’t been particularly customised for their respective wearers. The people have spoken, and for the most part, the custom jackets have been kicked to the curb – Wolverine’s is the only one that remains, and even that is still a jacket that could pass for a casual jacket.

What makes these jackets so strong is not just the people that wear them, but their adventures – with every single bump and scrape being carried and moulded into the jackets. The jackets, by the time the credits are rolling, are an extension of each character’s personality, their development and their journey.

That is what makes leather jackets so perfect – they adapt to you, and they do so with the most natural processes of wear and weathering possible. No interference needed, no specially created materials like in Morpheus’ jacket, and no bright colours like MJ’s Thriller jacket.

You could buy and wear similar jackets to those worn by Schwarzenegger and Ford, but they aren’t likely to look the same as theirs by the time you’re done with them. Or at least, they won’t look exactly the same – the broad picture will be similar of course, but it won’t tell anyway near the same story that your jacket will.

After all that, which jacket is more iconic – the bomber jacket, or the asymmetric biker jacket? The power is in your hands, fair readers. Use it wisely.

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