Iconic Leather Jacket Grudge Match – Week 6

Posted on 21/11/14

So here we are – the grand finale, the big finish, the final boss and the championship match. This one’s for all of the marbles, all of the fame and all of the glory. Here, we’ll decide which is the most iconic leather jacket of all time in the world of music and cinema. It’s been a long journey, and we’ve been really excited to see people getting involved with voting each week.

This victor of this week’s final is truly your winner, fair readers, and we’d like to thank you for voting with such fervour – it’s really encouraged us to run more of these longer form features in the future.

The fight of cinema’s strongest tin men is upon us. One with a heart of circuit boards, transistors and hate, and one with a heart of… actually does Wolverine have a human heart? That’s probably not the point now. Let’s try that introduction again. Maybe read it in your best imitation of a film trailer narrator voice, just for some added gravitas.

Eh hem.

The fight of cinema’s strongest tin men is upon us. One fuelled by hate and his own programming, the other fuelled by resentment and anger about his dark past. These two titans ooze cool out of every conceivable orifice. They fuel the aspirations of all too many budding fancy dress enthusiasts – though admittedly the Terminator can be a male favourite purely out of its convenience. Don a pair of sunglasses and any leather jacket and you’re the Terminator, right? That’s how it works, I’m told.

Picking up on a point of discussion that was raised in last week’s post, this week’s competition is really one of custom design versus design for the people. Wolverine’s jacket, though it could be worn by anyone if you found the right replica, is clearly designed with him in mind. The three stripes on each sleeve can only be nods to his three claws, and the yellow waistband could be a heavy-handed nod to the man’s famous sideburns. OK, that last link is a little on the tenuous side, and you probably never thought you’d read the phrase “famous sideburns” until now, but that’s how we’ve interpreted the design flourish.

The Terminator’s jacket was only really acquired by circumstance – it just so happened that one of the people in the first group he approached was wearing one. They could have been wearing tracksuits or gillets instead. They weren’t, of course, but they could have been. It wasn’t a jacket that was designed for the Terminator, but it’s become so intrinsically linked with him, with bikers and with punks, that it’s continued to be remembered and recreated ever since its inception. Every designer seems to have their own spin on it, and we’re no exception.

But alas, the time has come for you to cast your vote and have your final say.

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Which of these should be crowned as the most iconic leather jacket of music and cinema?

Note: We’ll update this post a week after it goes live to name our final winner, if only because we might just have run out of things to say about Wolverine, the Terminator or Arnold Schwarzenegger after six (nearly) consecutive weeks of grudge match madness.

And our winner is… Mr. Schwarzenegger’s Terminator! 

Congratulations are in order, we think, not just to Arnie himself, but to the Terminator production team too. You costume designers, hair and make-up experts and concept artists don’t get enough credit, so congratulations to you!


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