Johnny Depp: Our style hero

Posted on 24/12/13

He’s Hollywood’s highest paid actor and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man alive. With his devil-may-care attitude to fashion, Johnny Depp is our unlikely style hero.

So what’s his appeal? Well, unlike other celebrities, he relies on his own sense of style to create his look.

We have no doubt he probably laughs off the style salutes though. More often than not, he snubs the fashion industry and its designer labels. Johnny favours his trusted t-shirt, faded jeans, bracelets, boots, fedora and of course, his leather jacket.

His jacket is his most important part of his look. It is more than just a jacket, it is the defensive shell he uses against not only the elements of Hollywood, but the slings and arrows of fame and the celebrity culture that inevitably comes with it.

Even his film roles are rogue, he favours playing freaks and loners. Under duress, he’ll play a romantic leading man, but only if he can do it his way. His versatility in his acting mean he’s played everything from a teen heartthrob to a vampire and a pirate.

He has admitted to stealing inspiration from his hero Keith Richards’ rock persona; so it seems fitting that he looks set to play him in a documentary being made next year. Something we’re very excited about.

To conclude, Johnny Depp is our style hero. His quirky personality permeates his looks and he is the epitome of someone with original style.
Plus someone who is never seen without their trusty leather jacket was always going to be up there in our books!

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