Mapping Our History

Posted on 09/02/15

Manchester skyline

When it came to choosing locations for our upcoming treasure hunt, Bee in the City, it got us thinking about everywhere we’ve been in Manchester and how we’ve moved around over the years. Turns out, through luck more than management, we’ve always been around roughly the same area.

Our grandfather, the Barnett “Barney” Rosemarine we’ve said so much about on this very blog, came into the world in a cosy home, somewhere along Manchester’s Cheetham Hill Road. Barney’s parents, Harry and Mary, were the proud owners of a thriving garment factory. As such, Barney and his four older siblings grew up immersed in a culture of hard work, passion and determination. So much so that it became second nature to him, as did his love of fashion and tailoring.

In no time at all, Barney was setting up his own office at 1B Stevenson Square, in the heart of what is now Manchester’s coolest cultural destination, the Northern Quarter. It was a fairly pokey office, in all honesty, but it was more than enough for Barney to successfully take the helm of Harry and Mary’s company.

As time went by, Barney guided the company into the design and manufacturing of leather jackets – a direction that we have maintained to this very day, of course. It’s fitting, really, that when it came to choosing our UK distributor, we ended up working with Red Alert, who are only a tenth of a mile away from Barney’s first office, and just over two miles away from where Barney was born. You can find their offices at 70 Port Street, in the direction of Great Ancoats Street, rather than Dale Street.

These three locations have all been instrumental in building the Barney & Taylor of today, and we can’t think of a better city for the Barney & Taylor story to have begun in than right here Manchester. It’s why we’re running our treasure hunt across the city. We want to celebrate both Manchester itself, its iconic buildings and its history, and the 9-5 Mancunian worker bees of past, present and future.

For all things treasure hunt-related, head over to our microsite or follow and like us on the usual social channels. We’ll be steadily updating them both in the run-up to Bee in the City, and during the hunt itself.

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