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Posted on 15/11/13

Barney and Ella who founded the business

The Barney & Taylor origins are in the Manchester clothing industry within the UK. The ‘Barney’ of Barney & Taylor was born in 1911, the youngest of five children born to Harry and Mary Rosemarine, successful Manchester garment factory owners. Mary and Harry were hard workers, working their way up in the British clothing industry through sheer hard graft, grit and determination.

Mary, for example earned her living sewing beads onto jumpers. She was so skilled and successful that this soon developed into her own thriving business with an impressive factory and warehouse operation on the outskirts of the Manchester. She was, we believe, one of the country’s first female entrepreneurs.

The ‘Barney’ (named after Harry and Mary’s first son) was originally a raincoat, designed to withstand even the strongest gales and wet weather in Manchester’s notoriously blustery climate. It demonstrated the very best in new garment-making and waterproofing technologies and showcased new frontiers in quality and durability; characteristics that would soon define the company’s trademark leather jackets.

As Barney grew up, it was perhaps inevitable that he would become a young apprentice tailor and that he would take on the full mantle of the company. Under his deft guiding hands, the company took on the design and manufacture of exquisite leather jackets of outstanding quality and classic style. Jackets that are still being worn today.

Barney  married Ella Tayor in 1937 and went on to have a very happy and successful marriage. Of their four children, their daughter Lynda upon marrying her childhood sweetheart Syd took over the family business and to this day, Lynda and Syd’s sons Richard and Michael still run it, developing from it the quintessentially British brand, ‘Barney & Taylor’, whose rich and resonant heritage matches that of the beautiful leather goods they so lovingly design.

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