Sophie & Lauren

Posted on 27/11/13

At Barney & Taylor, we know that a leather jacket is more than just a leather jacket. It’s a friend. And a friend which you take on your journey. It absorbs the memory of nights out and holidays, takes on the trace elements of the brilliant music you hear and inspiring places you visit. Like its owner, it takes on the dents, dings and scars that life throws at it.

So what better place to take inspiration than the streets of our home city, Manchester?
Every month we’ll snap someone in the street wearing a jacket with a story to tell.

This week, we bumped into a pair of friends visiting Manchester for the Christmas markets.

Sophie Thirway and Lauren Porter (pictured) love their leather jackets and won’t be parted from them. Bought three years ago, they wear them season to season regardless of the weather, just adding accessories when needed. When we bumped into them on Brazennose Street, they were still feeling the effects of the night before when they had spent a hazy few hours bouncing from bar to bar, their loyal jackets keeping them warm on the frosty streets. Instead of feeling dispirited after a night of indulgence, they had the joie de vivre of youth and looked they were getting ready for another fun afternoon taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Manchester’s Christmas streets and stalls.

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