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Posted on 27/12/13

barney and taylor together

Before the year 2013 is out I think it only appropriate to pay tribute to the Taylor in Barney & Taylor, our grandmother Ella Taylor, who passed away this year just days away from her 99th birthday.

Ella, born in Blackpool in 1914, met and married Barney Rosemarine in the early 1930’s. She always described their meeting as ‘love at first sight’ and was always full of stories about the romanticism of not only their relationship but also of that particular period in time. She often reminisced about the simplicity of those days and she simply revelled in the glamour and sophistication of the 30’s and 40’s both fashion wise and socially.

Glamourous and elegant to the very end, she was truly proud of how the business had grown through the ages and was both delighted and nostalgic at seeing the ongoing work of Barney & Taylor which paid such great honour to herself and her beloved husband, Barney.

The memory of those two great people and the generations before them who truly initiated the business, makes us very proud to carry the torch forward for future generations to enjoy and celebrate.

Thank you Barney and Ella.

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