The Birth of Bee in the City

Posted on 20/10/14

Bee in the City microsite screenshot

Fashion launches are funny old affairs for the most part. If it’s not a launch night for a select few, it’s a few press releases and an image or two posted on Twitter or Facebook. They tend not to be, well, community events.

We’d like to change that, so to tie in with the launch of our Autumn/Winter range, we’re going to run a treasure hunt throughout central Manchester. We’ll be hiding 20 of our B&T ampersands at 20 iconic locations throughout Manchester, where the Barney & Taylor story began.

Of course, we’re not going to just tell you where to go – where would be the fun in that? No, instead we’re going to be drip-feeding clues to you, starting on Friday 24th October through our dedicated microsite, Facebook and Twitter. There is one clue that we could give you that would apply to each location, though, and it’s that every single location will either feature the same Mancunian worker bee featured both in the Manchester coat of arms, and our ampersand, or the locations will be in some way significant to Barney & Taylor’s history. This very blog, along with the story section of our website will help you on that last point, by the way.

Once you think you’ve figured out a location, get over there as fast as you can and find our ampersand stuck somewhere in the area. Pick it up, turn it over and you’ll find a QR code on the back, along with some instructions. Scan the code and you’ll be taken to a page on our bee in the city microsite, pop in your email address, and see if you’ve won. The codes can only be scanned once though, so when we say “get over there as fast as you can”, we’re not just being frivolously encouraging.

There are two jackets up for grabs, one men’s jacket (The Altrincham, in case you were wondering) and one women’s jacket (The Prestbury), and a number of wallets, purses and belts. Plus, there are prizes to be had from Manchester mainstays Mancsy, the Manchester Bee Company and even the National Football Museum are getting involved.

It’s taken a lot of work, but we’re really excited about it. We’d love it to become a yearly thing too, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Oh, hey we forgot to mention – for each and every email address that we collect during this, we’ll donate 25p to our friends at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, just to do our bit to keep the real life worker bee buzzing away.

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