The Real Deal?

Posted on 13/12/13

Barney & Taylor Jacket in Detail

We don’t tend to purchase a lot of leather jackets in a lifetime.
They have a habit of lasting a long time and it goes without saying that investing in one should be somewhat of a considered purchase.

In our opinion there are two types of leather jackets; the proper (real) ones and the others. At Barney and Taylor we like to think – indeed we expect – that a proper leather jacket will have the following three elements – authenticity to its construction, detail and weight. Leather jackets have been historically worn by bikers, pilots and adventurers so they have always had a bit of heft to them. A leather jacket with some real weight is the kind you can wear forever.

So how can you tell if you’re looking at a real one? First look at the tag, if its made of real leather it will say “genuine leather” on the tag or label inside. Beware of names like “man-made leather”, “synthetic leather”, “leather-like” or even “designer leather”. They all mean the same thing. It’s not leather.

Faux leather jackets often have a shine to them that normal leather doesn’t have. Leather should be very soft like butter, not crinkly or stiff.
Look for the leather grain pattern you can see on genuine leather.

And if all else fails, smell the jacket. There’s no mistaking that deep, reassuring scent of real leather.

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