The moment you acquire a Barney & Taylor item, it becomes your brand; it defines you. In turn, you become the brand, you take on its quality, its uniqueness and personality so that a new brand is created – unique, iconic and exclusively yours.

Take a close look at a Barney & Taylor leather jacket. Our brand is there for you to discover, but it is subtle, modest, discreet. Look for the distinctive B&T branded zips, rivets and studs - especially the single gold stud adorned with the busy bee which appears in our logo and in the Manchester coat of arms; the honeycomb-pattern gold lining; the shoulder badge – small visual clues that tell you this can only be a Barney & Taylor jacket.

It’s the same for our accessory collection – subtly badged so as to be unmistakably B&T. But our brand is about more than visible signatures; it’s also about identity. Personality.
The elements that only you can bring to a Barney & Taylor piece. By wearing it, using it, giving it the grain and patina of who you are, you stamp it with your own unique and individual brand.

Barney and Taylor is yours for life. Yours for as long as you choose to keep your Barney & Taylor item. Your brand will remain with it when you hand it on (as surely you will) to someone else. Then it will begin a whole new journey with its new owner, who will stamp it with their brand. Their story. Their journey through the world.