The world-spanning journey of hide to become Barney & Taylor leather; the journey through time of Barney & Taylor family history - and the designs behind cutting-edge Barney & Taylor styles – all leading to you, where your own journey begins.

When you own Barney & Taylor leather goods, you’ve made a heritage investment that will last for generations; more than that, though, you’ve acquired a multi-layered story of different journeys that have led to a single destination – you. Barney & Taylor’s family history is a journey through time that tells of hard work and high standards, craftsmanship and quality – leading to that favourite B&T belt of yours, the wallet you love, or the jacket that takes on more of you every time you wear it.

Then there are the journeys our leather goods have taken before they become owned and cherished by you; from the corners of the world, premium-grade leather has travelled to England; from craftsmen and makers, their expertise has journeyed with that leather. These and so many other stories now meet their journeys’ end in the Barney & Taylor leather items you have made your own.Barney & Taylor’s design inspirations are a journey through a time-honoured heritage - but our jackets and coats are totally of the present. Clean, cutting-edge and sharp, their style is dictated by how you wear them. That’s your journey; you decide on the route – and how you travel.