Selected for their feel, suppleness and touch by our expert buyers, the world’s finest hides are hand-finished with care by our own time-served artisans, to become unique Barney and Taylor craftsman-made leather goods.

Before leather starts its journey to become a Barney & Taylor item, it is selected by our expert buyers for its provenance, quality and durability. English bridle leather is frequently selected for our accessories because of its outstanding performance characteristics; our outerwear leathers are chosen from the finest hides sourced from all over the globe.

Only the assured hands of a craftsman can properly assess properties of leather by its feel, suppleness and touch – and our leather-workers are true craftsmen. Experts in how leather behaves, breathes and reacts to changing conditions, they take into account all these factors – and a lifetime of subtle knowledge – to supervise pattern-making, leather-cutting and the individual making of each item.

They hand-cut, glue and stitch the pieces to bring out the best in the leather, bearing in mind its colour, finish and grain; they create the finished piece so that it will hang perfectly to flatter the wearer; they ensure the leather moves with you, with all the subtlety and suppleness of a second skin. The moment you touch, feel and wear your Barney & Taylor leather jacket, coat or accessory, you’ll instinctively know all these things – and from that moment, it will shape itself to you, embrace you - become you.