Your choice of Barney & Taylor leather is destined to become yours for life; absorbing the journey on which you travel; wearing the marks and impressions of years as proud insignia; becoming you until the day you pass it on to another, when it begins its journey afresh.

The moment you take possession of your Barney & Taylor leather goods, you begin your own new journey – in the constant and reliable company of a leather accessory or garment that has been designed, engineered and crafted to last a lifetime – and several more besides.

When you wear a Barney & Taylor coat or jacket, it will settle to your frame, take on your shape, ease itself into being the garment of choice you will always grab first as you set out on every meaningful journey through life.

It will absorb the memory of friends and family, take on the trace elements of brilliant music and inspiring places; summon the echoes of memorable parties and great events when it was there with you.

Like its owner, it will take on the dents,
dings and scars that life throws at it.

But it will always come good,
look great and make you feel the way you instinctively feel,
that’s just right.

So start your voyage by making your commitment to Barney & Taylor and look forward to a lifetime enjoying the company of a valued companion that will keep the faith, share your days – and always be with you on the journey.